About Senator Frank Niceley

Senator Frank Niceley’s life and family history is deeply embedded in East Tennessee. Frank is the direct descendent of five veterans of the Revolutionary War buried in the 8th District.

One of those ancestors was the doorkeeper to the first Tennessee General Assembly which established our state. Frank’s love of Tennessee History has earned him a reputation as the unofficial Senate historian.

First elected to the State Senate in 2012, Frank Niceley ran promising to protect family farms, fiscal responsibility, low taxes, and fighting federal government overreach. Slightly more than a decade later, Tennessee is widely recognized as one of the best-run states in our nation. We rank among the lowest in per capita taxation and lowest in debt. Tennessee is the 7th fastest growing economy in America and consistently ranks as one of the best values for quality of life.

Frank and Cyndie Niceley make their home on Riverplains Farm, 400 acres along the Holston River in Jefferson County. Riverplains is a working farm including row crops, livestock, and an active
equestrian training center. Frank and Cyndie’s three daughters remain active on the farm in various related agricultural activities. Their five grandchildren keep the farm lively for Frank and Cyndie, and
visitors alike.

Representing Our Values in Nashville

Since his first Senate election in 2012, Senator Frank Niceley has been a leader in reforming Tennessee’s tax structure.

He has been a successful proponent of efforts that have eliminated the Inheritance Tax, Gift Tax, Hall Income Tax, and a Constitutional prohibition on any Income Tax.

Currently, Senator Niceley is leading an effort to prohibit any State Property Tax in our Constitution. In addition, Senator Niceley has led efforts to improve profit opportunities for small farms and businesses, preserve our 2nd Amendment rights, defend our borders, protect the unborn, and promote our state as the best place to live and raise a family in America.

Claiborne, Grainger, Hancock, Jefferson, Sevier, Union Counties