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2024 Legislative Survey

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The legislature passed my bill to safeguard Tennessee's land and businesses from hostile nations, requiring registration with the federal government or Tennessee Secretary of State to prevent ownership by entities from countries like China and Iran. Do you agree it's crucial to monitor Tennessee land ownership to deter hostile interests?*
I co-sponsored legislation to defend Tennessee homeowners from squatters, granting homeowners and sheriffs the authority to remove them within 72 hours. How crucial do you think it is to uphold property rights for Tennessee property owners?*
This year, I backed a resolution urging Congress to convene a Convention of the States to discuss term limits for Congress. Do you support implementing Congressional Term Limits?*
Amidst debates on education curriculum and funding, I've consistently proposed giving counties the choice to elect their school superintendents. Do you support granting counties this option?*
In the latest legislative session, legislation I sponsored was approved to prevent the state and local entities from adopting United Nations conventions that might limit citizens' property rights without due process. Do you think property rights in Tennessee should be governed solely by local and state governments, rather than the United Nations?*
This legislature approved my sponsored legislation, giving property owners the right to judicial review before their property can be taken through eminent domain in certain cases. Do you agree that eminent domain should be a last resort for government acquisition of private property?*
Before the sales tax, Tennessee had a State Property Tax. Instead of repealing it, the legislature zeroed out the rate. This session, I started a constitutional amendment to ban a State Property Tax in Tennessee. Do you think there should be no State Property Tax alongside our current local taxes?*

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